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XMM-Newton Science Analysis System : XMM-NEWTON SAS  

Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations (CIAO) :Chandra (CIAO)

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XANADU High-level, multi-mission tasks for X-ray astronomical spectral, timing, and imaging data analysis
Webspec Online tool to simulate spectral data for a variety of X-ray missions/instruments.
WebPIMMS Online tool to determine source flux or mission count rates.
Viewing Online tool to determine allowed viewing times for various missions based on the coordinates of the target.
NH calculator Online tool to calculate HI column density based on the coordinates of the target.
FTOOLS General and mission-specific tools to manipulate FITS files
FITSIO Core library responsible for reading and writing FITS files (distributed with FTOOLS)
fv General FITS file browser/editor/plotter with a graphical user interface (distributed with FTOOLS)
XSTAR Tool for calculating the physical conditions and emission spectra of photoionized gases


                                            HEASARC Software Packages

  • XSELECT - Multipurpose tool for filtering event files and generating images, spectra, and light curves
  • XSTAR - Program for calculating physical conditions and emission spectra in photoionized gases
  • MAKI - A multi-mission observation visualizer and planning utility
  • FITSIO - A subroutine library for reading and writing  FITS files for C and Fortran programmers

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